Regional Transitional Navigator


a photo of Sam Wilkinson

Sam Wilkinson, MPA
Regional Transition Navigator
Office: 304-293-4692

Sam Wilkinson received a Master’s in Public Administration from West Virginia University. He has spent his professional life focused on identifying problems, planning solutions for them, and then executing those plans. He spent three years as a Teacher/Counselor and a Master Teacher/Counselor in a residential treatment facility. He spent twelve years as a project manager for the West Virginia University Research Corporation working on projects in Public Health, Nutrition/Obesity, and Computer Engineering. He has also experience with various aspects of sobriety/recovery.

a photo of Billy Bussey

William (Bill) Bussey is a Kingwood, WV native. Bill attended Concord University and has worked as a social worker for 8 years.

Billy Bussey, RBA
Office: 304-293-4692